Supply of Aircraft Essential Vehicles

7th Mar 2019

Construction of Annex of the PepinieRe Business Reference Pilot DeDea in Procedure Emergency

14th Mar 2019

Additional Work of the Construction of the Craft Village of Ngaoundere in Emergency Procedure

15th Mar 2019

Extension of Electricity Network in Quartierstewe

5th Mar 2019

Extension of the Electric Network in Eneo to Tsemohia

5th Mar 2019

Implementation of a Mobile Metal Shelving System with Lighting Integrated into the Social

7th Mar 2019

Public Lighting Work of the City of Ngomedzap by Forty(40) Floors Solar street lights

11th Mar 2019

Construction Works of Nine Drilling Equipped with Pumps with Human Engineering.

12th Mar 2019

Supply of Materials and Equipment of a Pilot Unit for the Production of Small Urban Trades

18th Mar 2019

Partial Administration (Monitoring and Control) of the Construction Work of the Departmental Delegation of Public Contracts in Lekia (Phase I )

13th Mar 2019

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