Expression of Interest For Complete Project Management of The Development and Rehabilitation Works of The Ring Road.

30th Mar 2019

Geotechnical Studies of Soil of Foundation of the Building to Shelter the Departmental Delegation of the Public Markets.

16th Apr 2019

Construction of a Drilling Equipped with Human Power Motor Pumps in Village

16th Apr 2019

Construction of Adduction of Drinking Water by Solar Photovoltaic Energy

16th Apr 2019

Realization of Socio-Economic and Agro-Economic Surveys Relating to the Components Valorisation of Rural Electrification

9th Apr 2019

Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of a High-Performance Computing Cluster System

13th May 2019

Construction of a Solar Energy Pumped Pastoral Borehole, Two Large Livestock Waterers, One Small Livestock

26th Mar 2019

Acquisition of Teaching Materials

28th May 2019

Supply of Vehicles

10th Apr 2019

Global Insurance Damages Emergency Procedure

9th Apr 2019

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