Consultants to Develop Curricula Training Specialties in Buildings and Public Works to Implement in the Secondary Professional School

15th Jan 2019

Supply of VHF Radio Communications Equipment

3rd Jan 2019

Recruitment of Consultants to Implement the Feasibility Study of the Program for the Development of Community Projects in the Agro-Pastoral and Halieutic Sectors

16th Jan 2019

Implementation of a System of Treatment and Renewal of the Air, including Dehumidifiers Serving Documentation and Archives

27th Dec 2018

Provision of the Internet Connection to the General Management and the Subsidiary Offices

26th Dec 2018

Recruitment of a Consultant to Assist the Client in the Context of the Market for the Production of Color Aerial Photographs of the City of Douala

29th Jan 2019

Construction of Demonstration and Multiplication Centers (Class Room and Office Units), Divisional Veterinary Clinics, Sub Divisional Veterinary Centers, Veterinary Control Posts, Etc

5th Feb 2019

Construction and Equipment of Poultry Feed Mills, Construction of a Fish Feed Mill & Construction of Modern Slaughter House

5th Feb 2019

Recruitment of Consultants Responsible for the Development of the Harmonized Programs of the University Institutes of Technology

11th Dec 2018

Provision of Individual Insurance Services Accident and Expenses Funeral

19th Dec 2018

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