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Realization of Socio-Economic and Agro-Economic Surveys Relating to the Components Valorisation of Rural Electrification

9th Apr 2019

Acquisition and Implementation of Power Supply Systems for Solar Energy-Based Facilities

2nd Apr 2019

Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of A High-Performance Computing Cluster System.

13th May 2019

Recruitment of an International Consultant for Building Interpersonal Relationships and Promoting Team Spirit

25th Mar 2019

Control of Surveillance and Control of the Building Work

4th Apr 2019

Tender for Evaluation of the Performance of Public Research Structures: Phase II.

9th Apr 2019

Tender for Recruitment of A Follow-Up Assessment Specialist at The Ctn-Pbf for A Renewable One Year Duration.

29th Mar 2019

Recruitment of an Experten Social Backup at Ctn-pbf for a Renewable One Year Duration

29th Mar 2019

Recruitment of an Environmental Protection Expert at Ctn-pbf for a Renewable One Year Period

29th Mar 2019

Supply of the Annual User Rights of the Software Sage and Sage Suite RH and Payroll i7

27th Mar 2019