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Construction of a Fence

CMT Ref No.:  98303193

Deadline:  05 Apr 2024

Electrification of Njingkaka Quarter of Bamessing Village

CMT Ref No.:  98303192

Deadline:  05 Apr 2024

Medical Material

CMT Ref No.:  98303191

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Rehabilitation of Road

CMT Ref No.:  98303190

Deadline:  05 Apr 2024

Equipment in Medical Material

CMT Ref No.:  98303189

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Extension Work of the Solar Energy Network

CMT Ref No.:  98303188

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Construction Work of Community Boxes

CMT Ref No.:  98303187

Deadline:  02 Apr 2024

Acquisition of a Dump Truck

CMT Ref No.:  98303186

Deadline:  03 Apr 2024

Construction of a Block

CMT Ref No.:  98303184

Deadline:  02 Apr 2024

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